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Our community offers many programs and opportunities to help you build your future. We encourage all CU high school students to take advantage of the resources listed below.


Tap In Leadership Academy – Centennial High School

Description: Each day starts off with a snack and Community Circle, followed by Academic Hour. This gives our scholars an opportunity to finish their homework with the assistance of our trained staff and tutors, meet with teachers, and create unique plans to ensure each of our scholars is on the right track. Most scholars choose to continue with homework for the remainder of program, but we also offer various enrichments based on student interest. Some past enrichment has included African drumming, jewelry making, spoken word, dance, and intramural sports!
Contact:  Sally Carter, 217.403.3710
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Operation Hope
Contact: Karissa McDermott and Sheldon Turner
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Lead 4 Life

Description: The mission of the Lead4life Foundation is to strategically plan and execute innovative educational programming, which will provide support in teaching vital leadership skills within elementary, middle and high school settings that will assist students in becoming successful individuals as well as immense contributors to society.
Contact:  Javae Wright
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Urbana Neighborhood Connections

Description: Each day the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center serves 20-30 youth from K-12th grade in Urbana public school District #116. Our youth are growing academically through the Afterschool homework and study center. Tutors assist our youth with their homework and the center staff collaborates with the school to bridge the achievement gap among students. The Center’s educational director provides a comprehensive program where students work on enrichment curriculum and technology learning software on the computer when their teacher’s do not assist with homework.
Contact:  Janice Mitchell, 217-954-1749
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21ST Century Learning Centers – Urbana High School

Description: The 21st Century Community Learning Center for Urbana Schools is an opportunity for Urbana High School students and families to participate in enrichment classes, receive additional academic support, and explore various career opportunities while remaining at UHS after the school day.
Contact: Erin Ludwick, 217-384-3505
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Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

Description: The Keystone Club is for members 14- to 18-years-old who show leadership potential. Through service within their Clubs and in their communities, “Keystoners” work to promote education, career preparation and community service. Their opinions are valued and they are encouraged to pitch in and assist wherever they see a need.  Other clubs provide enrichment in Academics, Career Exploration, Technology, College Prep/Scholarship Services, Job readiness and Money Matters.
Contact: Sam Banks, 217-355-5437
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Champaign Park District

Description: Teens and Pre-Teens will join us on adventures with friends! Whether they are headed to a fun day riding roller coasters or headed to the waterpark, they will stay busy as they make friends and stay busy! Our programs and camps for teens will empower them to make decisions and responsible choices, as well as model give them affordable trips with great role models!
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Young Entrepreneurship Program – Champaign, Unit 4

Description: This is an extracurricular activity.  Marc Changnon visits the business classes in the Champaign High Schools in the fall to promote the program.  Students have to apply.  A team reviews the applications and selects students.  This year 14 students participated.  The program kicks off in January.  Students meet monthly with their mentors and as a group.  They hold an Expo in May to showcase their projects.
Contact: Marc Changnon, 217-351-3764
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Education to Careers and Professions (ECP) – Unit 4

Description: This course is offered to Central and Centennial students. The curriculum and instruction stress rigorous academic achievement which is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards and includes “real world” applications.  Each and every student has the opportunity to participate in school-coordinated community/work- based learning experiences which are progressive in nature and include such experiences as hearing career guest speakers, job shadowing, career mentoring, project-based internships, etc.
Contact: Marc Changnon, 217-351-3765
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Executive Internship Program – Urbana High School

Description: The Executive Internship Program offers highly motivated, professionally bound seniors the opportunity for first-hand observation and hands-on experience in their chosen careers. Seniors selected carry a reduced academic load during second semester and spend the remainder of the day (Monday through Thursday) with executives in the local business and professional community. Each placement is individually designed.
Contact:  Kris Sherrick

Carle – High school career development programs, job shadow and volunteer opportunities

Description: Carle has partnered with high schools in the surrounding community to provide high school seniors with a mentorship opportunity in their field of interest. Schools currently participating in this program include Champaign Central, Champaign Centennial, Urbana High School and Blue Ridge High School. Career Development student volunteers are assigned a mentor who oversees their experience to make it both informative and educational. While students are not directly involved with patient treatment, they help Carle employees with equipment and other patient care related duties.
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Summer Trades

Description: This is a two-week summer school class for Unit 4 students.  It will be held June 13-24, 2016.  The classes are held at the Plumbers and Pipefitters facility. To expose incoming 10th -12th grade students to multiple careers in the trades under the supervision of established training directors, journeymen, apprentices, and a certified Champaign Unit 4 teacher.  The goal is to provide students with hands-on, real-world project based-learning in a real work environment that may include, but is not limited to: plumbing and pipefitting, roofing, painting, electrical, welding, and carpentry.
Contact Marc Changnon at 351-3764 or

Summer Youth Employment Program – City of Champaign

Description: Champaign’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) has provided Unit 4 students, ages 14-19, with hands on work experience within our rich local business community for six weeks during the summer.  Coupled with the training and support from our educational staff, SYEP students walk away with skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.
Contact: Mindy Smith, 217-531-6857
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CU One to One Mentoring

Description: Is the school-based mentoring program of the Champaign Unit 4 and Urbana District #116. Mentors are matched one-on-one with a student of their own gender when the student is in 3rd-7th grade. Mentors meet with their ‘mentees’ for one hour a week during the school day on school grounds. They may read together, play games, go for a walk, workout in the gym, discuss current events, work on a school project or just talk. Coordinators at each building help provide activity suggestions, training and support.
Contact for Champaign Unit 4: Lauren Smith, 217-351-3722
Contact for Urbana District 116: Lori Ellinger,  217-384-3511
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TALKS Mentoring

Description: TALKS Mentoring is an innovative, cognitive-behavioral approach to youth mentoring that focuses on leadership skill development through peer-to-peer and youth-adult interactions. TALKS uses a format by which adult mentors from the community serve as role models for children in the public schools. TALKS takes place in a small group setting of students with varying degrees of academic success. Students are identified by school personnel and placed in groups of one adult mentor with three students. The objective is to generate positive peer pressure for the student who is struggling to achieve, but participant testimony suggests that usually all three students benefit.
Contact: Harold Davis, 217-351-5889
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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Description: Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”), ages 6 through 18, in communities across the country. They develop positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of young people.
Contact: Jeanne Stahlheber, 217-355-2227
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Dual Credit at Parkland College

Description: Dual Credit allows eligible high school juniors and seniors, ages 16+, to take Parkland College courses to earn credit simultaneously toward both a high school diploma and a college degree. You fulfill your high school graduation requirements, and at the same time, earn college credits toward your specialized certification, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Courses are offered at Parkland, online, and even at your high school. The college credits you earn may be transferable to other colleges and universities as well; talk to your high school counselor.
Earn college credit while you are in high school.
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Early College Early Career Academy

Description: The Early College and Career Academy is a new program for high school juniors and seniors to earn credits that count toward a high school diploma and college, all while gaining skills in six different Parkland College degree programs.Earn credits that count toward a high school diploma and college, while gaining skills in six different Parkland College degree programs.
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Volunteer opportunities are posted monthly on the CUScholars Facebook page.
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Many of the clubs at your high school are service-based and have lots of opportunities for volunteering.

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These websites are also great places to find volunteer and leadership opportunities: